[008] Conversation, Controversy and Censorship – Jordan Schroder UBC Free Speech Club

My guest today is Jordan Schroder. As president of the UBC Free Speech club, Jordan has played a crucial role in making space for challenging and engaging conversations; hosting events featuring intellectuals and social influencers including Jordan Peterson; and bridging the gaps between politically polarized populations.

In this discussion we explore societies shifting political orientation, navigating taboos to foster inclusive dialogue, the ways different definitions shape our perspectives, strategies in developing challenging conversations, and a story about how supporting free speech, even for terrible ideas, rallied reasonable people to demonstrate the true will and value of society at large and how censorship backfires.


Also on today’s episode I made an amateur mistake, I started a conversation before clicking record, and then thought the conversation was off to such a good start that I clicked record instead of suggesting we start fresh. So bare with the immediate jump into the conversation

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