[009] Butts, Environmental empowerment, Viral-accountability – The Pocket Ashtray / Braingarden.ca Jack and Sarah

This week on Culture Craft I meet with Jack, Sarah and asher to discuss their project The Pocket Ashtrays. Thanks to Jack and Sarah 100s of thousands of cigarette butts have been kept out of the ecosystem and given new life through recycling projects. Jack and Sarah have been educating and empowering smokers to take accountability for their waste by providing pocket ashtrays through some of western Canada’s premier music festivals and a variety of not for profit and municipality groups. Asher is their son, he provides the cute laughter and cooing sounds in the background of the interview.


In our discussion, we explore their viral environmental movement and the magnetism that comes from providing a solution instead of just commenting on a problem. We also get into the specifics of what you can do to mobilize your community and make an impact on your local ecosystem.


Find more on Jack and Sarah’s project at BrainGarden.ca or on facebook

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