[010] Tarot, Conversation, Symbols and Magic interview with the Father Of Wands


On this week’s episode of Culture Craft I meet with Sebastian Akesson, AKA the Father Of Wands. Sebastian has amassed an online following through his pragmatic and insightful tarot readings. His daily ritual readings has given him an understanding of the cards that is practical and engaging.

In our conversation today we discuss magic beans, not being an old gypsy woman in a horse drawn carriage, the evolved evolution of symbols, the humbling power of suffering, flow state, real Magic and creating deep bonds through conversation. We also hear his adorable bird singing periodically in the background.


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Card 1, Situation: There’s an abundance of Watery qualities permeating today, a reminder that underneath it all lies Love, underpinning All that is. Daydreams, illusion and dreams in general are highlighted now and there may be a need to sort out what is what. The emotional messages that stir in your subconscious must be analysed on your mental plane. Self deception, egocentricity and selfishness are qualities pitted against Unconditional Love, universalism and the essential need for other as the counterpart to your Self. The manifest world versus the un-manifest potentiality of everything Within. Drunkenness, vanity, lust, fornication and even violence may prevail if your connection with the Divine is temporarily severed due to overwhelming emotion. Embracing Intuition, imagination and listening to your Inner Voice will help you reconnect with your Divinity and ability to act through Love. Card 2, Don’t do: Don’t engage in acts of dissipation, where intemperance and excess become your way of life. Don’t squander money and resources as a way to hide from your emotions. Don’t overindulge nor over-consume. Don’t become so attached to the material and physical world that you forget to dream and imagine great things. Card 3, Do: Remember that the physical manifest world is but an illusion, dare to dream, to go beyond and to realise your true Connection and Divinity. Actively seek yourself and seek yourself through what you have. Realise the intimate connection between that which can be seen and that which cannot be seen. Between the solar and lunar energies of the world. The key to Wisdom lies in Beauty. Cultivate Unconditional Love and a connection to all things. Sage may be used as an aid to contact your Spiritual side, to bring about awakening and inner growth. An auspicious day to learn important lessons as well as to teach. Intuition is the gateway through which you’ll find a greater reality beyond time and material space. Love is the Key. Seek to balance your chakras and align yourself with your Higher Power.

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