Culture craft is a podcast about creative people, what they do and what they believe.

Liam Danger is a canadian guy who likes having conversations and almost anything else that’s creatively engaging or stimulating, including raving, gardening and freestyle rapping.

Longer and slightly more thorough answer

Culture Craft is a podcast about creative people and ideas that shape our communities. It’s about the ways we define, develop and engage with our communities through creative action.

This includes, among other things : animators, chefs, tattoo artists, musicians, farmers, event promoters, writers, dancers, clothing designers and entrepreneurs. Basically anybody who is creative and passionate about their craft.

It’s about why we create, what we believe about our craft and what motivates us.

I am your host and presenter, Liam Danger. Chronically creative, conversationalist and counter-culture curious, this podcast idea chose me. A shambassador, kitchen wizard, freestyle rap teacher, an artist, a musician, a synth nerd and a gardener, I spread myself to thin to effectively choose a creative discipline. I sort of keep choosing them all. (I would crochet if only the day were 36hr long). I grew up reading about and listening to the artists, musicians and revolutionaries who shaped our culture.

After a few good books and music festivals I began to really realize and appreciate impact of individuals on culture. Not merely a gift from our ancestors and the media, culture is something that we all collaborate on.

With this insight dedicated the last decade to foolishly trying to do everything to contribute to a culture. I practiced art, I wrote haiku, I went to school for arts and entertainment management and even made some money dressing up as an astronaut and playing improvised electronic music in the streets, I did a lot more.

All the while I was having conversations with everyone I met who was in a band, or painted or wrote in a wrinkly note book. I kind of feel like I was practicing conversation that whole time that I thought I was doing art.

I found passionate and creative people usually had something to say and in many cases, these people through their craft or conversation, helped me see the world in new and interesting ways.

Hence podcast. I would like to spend more time talking to these people and hopefully I can find some wisdom for us to share.

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